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Museum Comments:
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How we enjoyed the opening day at your musem! Fascinating exhibits, fine
restorations, folks having a good time in a beautiful setting ---

My wife, and RN, recalls using the Bird Respirator from way back.

Many thanks - we will be back again soon.

Kip Adams
Hayden, ID


You have a spectacular museum, and I was completely taken aback by your grand opening and the hospitality you showed us. Thank you for all that you and your husband have done to bring this museum to our area.

Thank you, again, for your service to this community. We are so lucky to have you here in North Idaho!

Thank you,

Heather J. Bennett
Programs & Communications Assistant
Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce


To the staff at the Bird Museum :

My family and I visited on last Wednesday, July 18 th , and enjoyed everything we saw at the Museum. Everyone was so nice, particularly, the man who escorted us.

My granddaughter, Katie, asked many questions. (she is quite probably the recipient of treatment by an invention of Dr. Bird's, as she was premature and had heart surgery four days later!). She is now 28 and still somewhat limited in size and activity, but she is here!

Thank you for your attention & kindness.

Michael S. Franklin, granddaughter Katie Okey and her parents - son Mike and daughter-in- law Susan; also, grandson Trevor Johnson and his mother, Shelley Johnson

Hello Rachel,
Just wanted to write and say Thank You--this museum is outstanding.

It will take me lots of time to come in and go through everything and it is fascinating with the science and technology that is there.

+ the plaque where it says something like: women are really good inventors because they never follow a recipe. That's funny.

Thank you for having this wonderful museum here, now I have a great place to take my guests and family to when they visit.

All Best of Luck to You in the Future

Margareta Larson in Sagle

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Bird,

Thank you so much for your interest and willingness to inspire, influence
and educate children. Your museum and continuing programs will be a benefit
to many!

Thank you again. Your passion to bring significant science to kids is an
answer to prayer for us.

Most sincerely,

Kristen Buckmiller

Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center
2678 W. Cessna Avenue. Hayden, Idaho 83835