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(PD) Here We Have Idaho                                                   Aug. 2011

Honorary Degree: Forrest Bird SIDEBAR                       (145 words)



Dr. Forrest Bird’s Tips


Dr. Forrest Bird shared his perspective and advice during his visit to campus. Here a few of his tips:


  • How he explains the value of education to elementary school students:  “Your brain is a vault. It’s your money machine. The more you put into it, the more people will pay for it. It’s that simple. That knowledge is something no one can take away from you.”
  • Suggestions for other inventors: “Have three ongoing projects so when you hit a wall on one, you can go on to the other two. That way you don’t get discouraged.”
  • Advice to parents of school-age children: “Let children make mistakes. Let them learn how to get out of trouble. That’s how they learn to solve problems.”


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